nos sono

beach house bonaire

Nos Soño

Nos Soño, which means Our Dream offers everything you need for a perfect holiday.

A Caribbean Beach House with white sandy beach in Divers Paradise and a perfect view from your gazebo at the crystal blue ocean is truly a dream coming true!

This Beach House is designed by the famous Dutch designer Piet Boon. Boon chose a very 'robust' style for the beach house that perfectly fits Bonaire. Most furniture used in Nos Soño is made from natural materials. Driftwood was used througout the house. Although you are in the tropics there's almost no need for air co. Again Piet Boon used nature. The cool trade wind breezes right through the house, which makes a comfortable atmosphere.

The Beach House has a pool, two large covered verandahs and is divided in an upper level and ground floor.

The spacious living is at the upper level and offers an absolute stunning view of the ocean. It has a fully equipped open kitchen, including oven, stove and dishwasher. The living is large enough to accommodate everyone staying in the house but also offers enough privacy to read or use the free internet connection.

The Beach House has 4 bedrooms, situated on the ground floor. Each apartment has a master bedroom, with private fully equipped kitchen and a luxurious private bathroom. When you walk through the apartments there is an extra bedroom for 2 guests.